Autism Show – London

For anyone who has or works with children with autism I would highly recommend attending next year’s autism show. My wife and I attended 2013 London and found it to be very informative and useful. There were a lot of stands that didn’t apply to use such as lawyers helping your child get into the school you want, resources for professionals, etc. but there was enough there to keep us going for five hours or so.

The most useful stands were an Autism nanny who we are having a Skype with in the coming weeks, a small holiday resort for families with autistic children, affordable sensory toys and learning resources, specialists 1-1 help, and speakers giving advice on sleeping, speech and other matters.

All in all it was well worth the trip and no doubt next year’s dates will be posted up on the website: . The only thing I would say that if your child doesn’t like hustle and bustle and needs a lot of freedom to run around and play it might be worth leaving them with someone so you can take everything in.


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Middle aged, slightly below average height, slightly above a healthy weight, a bit of a numpty but father to a wonderful little autistic lad called Jake.

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