Tui Na Massage – Learning our first steps

Had a really good trip to London at the weekend being taught all of the necessary techniques to perform Tui Na massage on our son to help reduce the affects of autism. More information can be found here or at their facebook page

We’ve been fortunate enough to be take part in a UK trial to see if the daily massage will improve many aspects of our son’s life including speech, attention, co-ordination, sleep, etc. Initially we have learnt the beginners 36-step routine that we can start to implement straight away. Another one-day course will be held three months and then six months into the trial to learn more advanced techniques. There was a lot to take in but with video’s and print outs to refer to we’ll get the hang of it in no time I’m sure.

I must say I’m not usually one for alternative medicines but am keeping my eyes open based on reports of previous positive results. At the very least it will relax our son and at the very best help significantly to improve his well being and communication with the world around him. Big thanks to Leonid and Sanya for their time and teachings. I’ll be making various posts to report on progress over the coming months.

If you would like to there’s also a go fund me page where they’re trying to raise funds so more families can be involved in the trial going forward


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Middle aged, slightly below average height, slightly above a healthy weight, a bit of a numpty but father to a wonderful little autistic lad called Jake.

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