Tui Na Massage for Autism – One Month Review

My wife and I have been performing the Tui Na massage on our son for over a month now and so far it unfortunately hasn’t had much of an affect in reducing the symptoms of Autism. It has certainly reduced his sensitivity to touch around the head and feet which is a positive but there have been a few negatives which may, or may not, be attributed to other factors but it’s impossible to tell.

We had a week where Jake would get upset and cry after we had finished but had been reliably informed that this is a positive in that he was experiencing other emotions. That stopped fortunately but has now been replaced with negative behaviour that we had knocked on the head a long time ago such as refusing to do certain tasks and hitting us if he didn’t like what we were saying.  Along with this he had started to refuse the massage and the break in his previous evening routine was having a knock-on affect of him going to bed later which meant he was more tired the next day…

Again, this does seem to have calmed a little in the last few days and he is returning to the more easy going son we had before. The massage has also been made easier now as we’ve introduced sensory toys for him to play with as a distraction. His bedtime is also approaching close to what it was before as the massage has become less of a inconvenience to him in the evening and he gets enough time to wind down.

Overall I haven’t given up hope but neither am I expecting much to happen either at this stage.We’ll keep going as long as the negatives don’t become to much of a burden/impact on Jake and attempt to see out the six month trial and judge the results at the end.