Tui Na Massage for Autism – Verdict

After finishing our commitment to a six month trial we decided not to continue with the massage for our autistic son. Yes, there had been a slight improvement with his fine motor skills and possibly overall sensitivity but not enough that you couldn’t say would have happened naturally or with the other therapies and work done by us and the school.

Other parents reported more progress with their child in terms of physical and social interaction whilst others reported none. Towards then end of the trial Jake himself had grown tired of the daily ritual and was starting to be difficult at laying still and it became counter productive and meant that the entire evening schedule got pushed back meaning later to bed and more tired the next day.

I’m glad that we had given this treatment a go but had decided no noticeable improvements had been made and had decided to direct the time spent performing the massage on other therapies that will hopefully improve our son’s verbal communication such as the Gemiini program.

In summary I wouldn’t put other parents off trying this treatment as you can understand the logic and there aren’t any negatives but for us there were hardly any positives but then different things work for different people.


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Middle aged, slightly below average height, slightly above a healthy weight, a bit of a numpty but father to a wonderful little autistic lad called Jake.

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