TeeChip are thieving sods. Beware!

My wife had purchased a couple of items from a company called TeeChip back in March 17 and received the usual confirmation email with the money taken straight out of our account. A couple of weeks past and the items had not yet arrived so my wife emailed asking what was happening and received no reply. Yesterday she asked for my help to see if I could contact them another way. I found a page on their website where you could enter an order number and worryingly it wouldn’t recognise it. Alarm bells were ringing!

I wish she’d asked me first before making the purchase as I never buy anything online from a company I haven’t heard of  without first checking them out. Twitter, Facebook and other review sites all had negative comments against them. These range from taking people’s money without supply goods, adding items to an order without consent and facilitating selling t-shirt designs that haven’t been authorised by the original artist. It became apparent she’d been scammed and was just another victim in what is probably a very long line.

teechip twitter

Despite the negative reviews I posted on their Twitter feed, Facebook page and sent an email inquiry via their website asking for assistance and registering my displeasure. Predictably I have heard nothing back. Next step contact the credit card company to get our money back. This is just a reminder that the internet is full of scumbags and to prevent yourself being ripped off if you haven’t heard of the company before (a) check them out on social media and the internet (b) always use a credit card as it covers you against fraud.

In the end it wasn’t a lot of money that we had lost and we’ll probably get it back from the credit card company but it’s more the inconvenience and knowing that you’ve been scammed. Plus, my wife had purchased a couple of items for autism awareness week that she wanted to wear with pride as our son is autistic. TeeChip you are pure scum!