Rule of Thirds

This is the first part of my own reference to aid me when embarking on taking more photographs in the future. Many of the tips I’ve picked up whilst attending some day trip courses with a professional photographer. I’m just going to give a very brief overview on this site with links to other sites with more detail and expert guidance.

This is a rule that has been applied by artists for centuries. For some reason our brains are wired to prefer the main subject of the photograph to be located on or around four sections of the frame. Essentially the image is divided into nine segments and the point of intereset is to be placed on the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right intersections. For more information and some examples see the following URL:


As an example please see my own photo below of Reculver Castle. The intersections don’t have to be exact and sometimes not followed at all. It’s a case of knowing when to break the rules.