English Football Premiership Season 2015-16

money sportSo Leicester F.C. have won the premiership this year (season 2015-16) and bloody well done to them to. They were 5000-1 outsiders at beginning of the season but have defied all odds to win the prize. How have they done it? I believe along with a bit of skill the telling factors were team work, hard work and a will to win.

Their players are on half the wages of the top clubs, cost a fraction of the price and at the beginning of the season wouldn’t get into any of the top six sides teams. That of course would surely now change. The manager of course has also played his part in galvanizing this team and being a cool head under pressure towards the end of the season when they could have crumbled.

For me this season has highlighted how much money has ruined the game that I use to love but now casually acknowledge. The players at the top have lost all sense of reality and believe they are gods who don’t have to work for success. The amount of money they earn is obscene and doesn’t equal to what they give back.

Where as in the past you would have paid five million pounds for a top player who was hungry to win trophies and earn his price tag now you get the opposite. For fifty million you get a player who has now “made it” and doesn’t have to put the effort in and he’s setup for life. The opposition players now joke and laugh together before/during/after the game showing no desire to beat them. Players swap shirts with each other AT HALF TIME thinking nothing of how this might look to the fans and their manager. Players of old would have slapped those players silly at half time. They wanted to win for the fans, to keep their place for the next game, to earn their next contract, etc. These days a player appears content to earn £100,000 a week and sit on the bench for half the season listening to the latest tunes…

In truth Leicester F.C. have won the league as the players at the top clubs have no hunger and are just happy to turn up, get their massive paycheck and put in a good performance every now and then to remind us of why they were once considered talented. I’ll watch a game of footy if it’s on, and I’m not doing anything else, but have no real passion for the sport now. I loved watching footy and going to games in the 80s/90s/early 00s but in the last ten years money has ruined it.