Good Riddance Windows Phone

For years I had an Apple phone but had gotten bored last year and decided to try out the new Windows Nokia Lumia 920 Phone. It was ok but had hardly any apps and was prone to locking up, losing texts and generally going tits up. Still it wasn’t all bad and had some nice features such as the live tiles.

I was fortunate enough to be given an Apple Phone and without hesitation and my tail between my legs I jumped at the chance and ditched my Nokia. Yes, the Apple iPhone hasn’t moved on a great deal but you get what you pay for. Slick, fast and it works. Windows Phone you had some nice features but was buggy and lacking depth.

For me this is summed up when I went to sell the phone. I copied off my photos and used the reset phone option that’s available on the Lumia 920. Easy I thought, no no no this is Windows! Because the phone wasn’t fully re-charged it started the reset process but didn’t have enough power to properly reboot and finish the job….

How crap is that! Surely you would build that into the reset option to ensure that it wouldn’t start a process it couldn’t finish??? Looking online people who had fallen to a similar fate had to get a brand new phone to resolve the problem. Fortunately, Nokia have since released some kit, download of 1.3Gb, that you have to download that lets you recover the device and finish the process.

If you have suffered the same as I a guide to fix the issue is available here: This just about sums up Apple vs. Windows. One puts the user and stability first. The other will throw it out there and sort it out later… Apple I have learnt my lesson.