Gemiini – S&L for Autism

Gemiini is a speech and language programme where the student watches a wide variety of videos a number of times in order that what is being said and the actions shown eventually sink in. The eventual hope is that they will copy the actions and repeat the words. It’s an old method of learning but with a modern twist and autistim in mind.

It’s been a few months now since we’ve started using Gemiini opting for the basic pre-defind programme designed for the progression of speech. Our six year old non verbal autistic son enjoys watching the videos and does take an interest in what’s being said and done by the actors. Sometimes the clips will include a musical interlude with a child playing with a toy, going on a boat, etc. which works really well and keeps the student engaged. Videos will consist of different subjects and topics in one session keeping it fresh along with the different focus from close ups of the mouth, pictures of the subject matter and clips of people performing the actions of what’s being said.

IMG_2129It works really well. Basic but clear. The aim is to work in three fifthteen minute sessions per day. This works well into our daily routine. The first session is with breakfast, the second when he gets home from school and the last after dinner. Each video is to be watched forty times before moving onto the next. As an adult this is painstaking but to be fair our son doesn’t seem to mind.

As to how effective it has been for me the jury’s out though. Whilst Jake has just started copying the actions on the latest two videos (pointing/waving/blinking) he could do all of these before. He had been making lots of noises and sounds before embarking on the Gemiini programme, and has been having lots of speech and language therapy, so the additional sounds he has made recently could or could not be related. I wouldn’t say any great strides have been made.

We’ll carry on using the programme as it works well into our routine and Jake seems to enjoy it. It’s educational if nothing else. I know it’s a bit unrealistic but I think unless he starts saying out loud suddenly the words being said in the video I’m going to be a bit sceptical as to it’s success. However, I’m also aware different therapies work for different people so I would recommend that if you have a child with speech and language difficulties then give this a go. It’s also not that expensive!