11180623_10153611694147664_8532929526199476606_nThis blog consists of a few different topics but most relate to autism as my wonderful little boy is on the spectrum. I’ll be sharing thoughts and useful information on things that I’ve come across that help our lives such as PECS, visual timetables and timers, planners and therapies we’ve come across such as the Tui Na massage and Gemiini speech therapy.

Other random posts will be based on my interests in photography, moaning about things that’ll never change, my quest to write a book and silly videos I occasionally make to amuse myself and perturb those that know me. I hope you find something useful here. If not, them’s the breaks.

Why the name of the blog you ask? No, you didn’t well I’ll bore you anyway. “Kentish Man” is a term used to describe people like me that were born in Kent but north of the river Medway. “Man Cave” describes a sanctuary for a us men to escape to, drink and talk rubbish.

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